"Elenor and her team conducted an employee survey which provided a very important window into the thinking of our staff .  We asked them to extend the project and lead our annual meeting that year.  It was so successful, we invited them back last year as well."


Catherine J. Douglass, Executive Director


"As the Chair of our Human Resources Committee Elenor has been an invaluable resource - I call her whenever I have a staff problem and need someone to bounce ideas off of."

Joanne Goubourn, Head of School


"Whether my question is about hiring, firing or just handling a sticky personnel situation, I can count on Elenor to give me thoughtful and spot-on advice."

Jan King, Co-Founder



“Elenor guided me through my job search every step of the way- from networking, to interviewing, to negotiating an offer.  Before we first spoke I had spent months responding to job ads with very little success. 

Now, one month later, I have landed my dream job!  Elenor was  a huge asset; her advice gave me the confidence I needed to sell myself to a new field in a tough economy- something that hadn’t seemed possible.  I’m so happy and I can’t thank her enough.”

Lindsay S.

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