Here are some of the services I can provide for you:

  • Create a Performance Appraisal approach that works.  Develop an appraisal calendar and train staff in how to produce a useful tool to help your teams move forward.
  • Hiring new employees - develop processes so your new employees have the skills you need and fit into your company.
  • Identify key employees and help them grow into your future leaders
  • Develop training plans and professional development geared to individual needs.
  • Communication is key in any organization - getting the right information out at the right time is very important to all staff members.
  • When some staff members are unable to do their jobs well, the whole organization suffers.  Finding the right way to move folks out of the organization is critical.
  • What's the right structure for your organization?  Do you have the right managers in place? 
  • Getting salaries right is something everyone is focused on and finding the right ways to incentive staff is also important.
  • You may need an audit of who is hourly and who is salaried.  There are hefty fines if you get this wrong.









Photo by Elenor 

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